Artist Profiles

Some of Australia’s finest bottleneck players use Stobie Slides. One of our all time faves is Cal Williams Jr. He’s a rare talent who mines the rich vein of folk/blues and is one of Australia’s finest slide guitar players. We make his slide from a Bremerton BOV bottleneck cut to 55mm long. Check the store for availability of a Cal Williams Jr slide. Check out his tunes at

Stobie Sounds

In mid-2010 Stobie & Co had a baby. Its name is Stobie Sounds and it’s a little not-for profit roots record label established to support the local blues and roots music scene. We’ve always got a number of projects on the go and are always looking for contributions from roots musicians the world over. Pop over to check it out.


Here at the Stobie & Co workshop  authentic bottleneck slides are crafted from the necks of old wine and port bottles.  Each slide is cut, shaped and polished by hand in a process that takes a couple hours  and makes a perfect addition to the kit bag of any acoustic or electric guitarist.  The deep, mellow tones produced by real bottle glass are far superior to anything you can get out of a mass produced pyrex slide found in most guitar stores. What more could you ask for?

The 'Ol Gem Masta at work

The stobie & co workshop was set up in 2008 when I bought a new single cone resonator but could not buy a real glass slide locally. My father in law gave me his old ‘Gem Masta’ , a 1970s belt driven unit built to cut, polish and shape precious stones, which turned out to be the perfect machine to cut and polish bottleneck slides. My first attempts were pretty rough but three years, and over 500 slides later, the slides that emerge from the workshop are as good as any in the world and find homes in Mississippi, Tokyo, Melbourne, Paris and everywhere in between.

The Workshop

To go from bottle to bottleneck slide is a 9 step process that plays out over a couple of hours.  It starts with a kerosene cooled diamond saw to cut the necks, continues with various grades of grinders and sand paper and finishes with three grades of polishing powders.  The final product is a one of a kind authentic bottleneck slide that will last a lifetime.

Head over to the General Store to see what we’ve got in stock.


Cobalt Slides

Sourcing cobalt blue bottles in Adelaide is hard. If you have a keen eye there’s always one, maybe two, gathering dust in the back of a junk shop or garage sale but getting a regular supply is almost impossible. It took us a couple years to hit paydirt with our current bunch of cobalt bottles which we stumbled across over Christmas in 2009.

Our cobalt bottles were imported to Australia from Italy by a local maker of ‘Chocolatino’, a dangerous Italian liquer which tastes like Jaffas but feels like white lightning. The bottles are a brilliant blue with a straight neck that goes on forever. The slides produce a tone that is sharp and loud with decent sustain. A must for any respectable kitbag.


Whenever we hear from Dallas Frasca it is usually something important…or crazy.
A couple months back we got an urgent message saying that her and the Goat had broken all but one of their Stobie slides and were in urgent need of some replacements. They were due to go on tour and needed them ASAP. You get the picture.