Dallas Frasca Emergency Shipment

Whenever we hear from Dallas Frasca it is usually something important…or crazy. A couple months back we got an urgent message saying that her and the Goat had broken all but one of their Stobie slides and were in urgent need of some replacements. They were due to go on tour and needed them ASAP. . . . → Read More: Dallas Frasca Emergency Shipment

Can you use gaffa to fix a slide?

In October 2009 we had our first ever stall at the Juke Joint at Queens Blues fest here in Adelaide. We made about 30 slides in anticipation of the flood of customers and sold about 4. One of those customers, it turns out, was Dan Dinnen.

It turns out we’d seen Dan playing with Heather . . . → Read More: Can you use gaffa to fix a slide?

Ready Made Slides Now Available

You can now pick from a range of slides that have been made in the workshop, spent some time on the slide shrine and are ready to post. Buying here means you’ll get your slide soon, rather than wait the usual 8 weeks for a custom made slide. Easy!

There is a huge variety in . . . → Read More: Ready Made Slides Now Available