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Dallas Frasca Emergency Shipment

Whenever we hear from Dallas Frasca it is usually something important…or crazy. A couple months back we got an urgent message saying that her and the Goat had broken all but one of their Stobie slides and were in urgent need of some replacements. They were due to go on tour and needed them ASAP. You get the picture.

Dallas and The Goat (aka Jeff Curran) both have a ‘signature’ slide included in the Stobie range. It’s fortunate that they both use slides of the same dimensions. I still remember when they sent me through their custom order the first time. They must have been on the road, with no ruler or measuring tape because the instructions were ‘something with a small diameter and about as long as the short side of a bank card’. Easy. For you aficionados out there that translates to a slide that is about 50mm long and about 17-18mm internal diameter. You can grab your own Dallas Frasca and Jeff Curran Signature Slide HERE

Dallas and Jeff  are two of the hardest working musicians we know. They seem to tour constantly during winter and hit the festival circuit hard over summer. Their philosophy is simple: play good music, tour constantly and blow people away with amazing live shows. I’ve seen ‘em a couple times and can’t praise these guys highly enough. They never leave anything on the stage. As Jeff says IF YOU DONT BREAK A SWEAT OR LOOSE YOUR VOICE….YOU HAVE RIPPED YOUR FANS OFF! Before I die it is my god given right to see the ultimate party stunt – FLOAT THE GOAT. It’s pretty simple really. Jeff stands in a plastic tub that is carried across the crowd whilst playing a scorching slide solo. I’ve seen photos. I’ve heard the legends. But I’m yet to see it in the flesh.

We really appreciate the support that Dallas and Jeff have given our little slide business. We’re tiny little small fries in the scheme of things. To have the support of Dallas and Jeff makes me giggle like a school girl. We could list all the awards Dallas has won over the years but can’t be bothered because the only important award worth mentioning is the Stobie Sounds Bonafide Corker Slide Player of The Year Award which Dallas and Jeff won in 2009. It’s enough to say that she is an absolute gem and he’s one of Australia’s best when it comes to pushing the boundaries of Bottleneck slide. Just go see her when she tours through your town.

As a slide maker, I’ve seen plenty of players over the years and I can say that Jeff has the rare talent of being able to extract every last bit of noise out of his upside down and back to front dobro. It’s actually pretty scary when you hear some of the noises he pulls out of that thing.

Note to self: We also made a slide or two for Marshall O’Kell over at Lennox Head. Check out his swampy blues rock HERE

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