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Cobalt Blue Slides are B-A-C-K.

Blue. Blau. Azul. синий. أزرق

However you say it, you can’t beat a cobalt blue glass slide. word.

We’ve scoured Australia looking for a regular supply of blue glass bottles with a neck suitable for making slides. And after about 8 months of looking we found the mother load. and to top things off the factory who uses the bottles is literally 500m away from the slide workshop so we have an unlimited supply.

OK. The stats. The bottles have necks that go all the way up. These are the longest straight-necked glass bottles that we use. They are so long that we haven’t even bothered measuring them. We’re talking at least 120mm. What we’re trying to say is that length is not a problem. If you’ve got a need for a 100mm long slide this is your baby.

OK. The bottles have a slight but straight taper. Over the entire length of the neck it tapers from an 18mm internal diameter at the skinny end right through to 21mm. This gives us two choices: make a slide using the skinny end or make a slide using the fat end.

Skinny end blue slides have a tapering internal diamter of 18mm to 20mm.

Fat end blues slides have a tapering internal diameter of 21mm-19mm.

The blue glass is heavy and really hard which means you get plenty of volume out of these guys. Tone is a lot sharper and spankier than what you get out of  the mellower green, brown and yellow glasses.

So if you’re looking for a sexy slide with serious tone then look no further. I personally guarantee that you will get laid using this slide. That’s a rock solid Stobie & Co. covenant.

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